Is It Still “An Eye for an Eye” ?

Dear Secretary General:

My name is Takashi Tanemori; and I am a survivor of Hiroshima.  My “Path” of Hiroshima taught me this most important lesson: Those who have lost the most in war are also the ones who have the most to gain—by putting aside feelings of revenge—learning to forgive by making peace with our own painful past. 

I discovered in forgiveness a rite of passage that a heart twisted by hatred and revenge can be transformed.  Forgiveness is the essential work of healing the human heart, for without it human hearts strangle and wither.

This inner-transformation through the practice of forgiveness is much more powerful than any war or atomic weapon in shifting the world toward peace.

The 66th Anniversary of the UN is a fitting moment for us to re-affirm our commitment to global peace in our lifetime!

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