Are We Progressing or Digressing?

I have been witnessing “chaotic” energies among the Japanese over the unresolved Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant fiasco caused by the March 2011 earthquake. How painful it is to see countless people being evacuated and some shuffled around many times in relocation.

Yet, what I see in Japan reminds me of “monkey see, monkey do” mimicking of irrational decisions made in the United States after human error caused 1979’s Three Mile Island nuclear plant accident. Concerns then about nuclear power created “anti-nuke” citizen protests and governmental action to cool nuclear power and either denied or put in digression those programs.

One cannot deny mankind’s technological progress over nearly six thousand years. Ours has been a path from “KNOWN” to conquering or discovering the “UNKNOWN”. When faced with difficulties we should give ourselves the opportunity for progress, by solving challenges. A shining example is NASA’s space shuttle program, having progressed from the Challenger disaster to its targeted final flight in July 2011.

In Fukushima, two months have passed without “clear” vision towards solving the accident scenario nor finding a replacement for nuclear power as an electrical energy source. Sadly, an increasing number of Japanese are “blindly” following Japanese Prime Minister Kan’s decision to shut down the Hamamatsu Nuclear Power Plants. There’s similar sentiment toward abandoning the entire national nuclear power program without addressing a progressive vision for the future. This saddens my heart.

Given Hiroshima and Nagasaki and events since, the Japanese people understand the dangers of nuclear power and have moved from “unknown” to “known” in gauging its risks. Can they truly afford to throw away progress in harnessing nuclear power?

Takashi Tanemori,

A survivor of Hiroshima

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  3. Dr. Jerry Daniel says:

    My dear old friend, it’s wonderful to see that you’re still going. God has been good to both of us. Drop me a line. I’d like to do a little catching up. God bless. Jerry

  4. Shari Keefe says:

    Hi Takashi,

    I was happy to find your website and blog. I would really like to connect with you again. Sorry I went away…. you have always been a great inspiration and I’m proud to have met you. I hope I can visit with you some time. My life has changed some….I moved to Marin now. Are you still living at the same place you were in 2007?

    I don’t work at Satellite anymore…thank goodness.

    Please send your email address and phone number if you want to.


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