Japan’s Quake, Tsunami, and Radiation Risk

How should we respond to a disaster?

Sharing my heart, as a Survivor of Hiroshima, for the first time since the earthquake struck the Tohoku Region, followed by the Tsunami, I cried two mornings this past week watching the images from Japan. From what I saw, it is beyond human ability to fathom what must be in the hearts of these survivors! Yet, my tears were NOT because of such horrific devastating images, nor “fear”, nor panic of a possible Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant “meltdown” or fallout!

I saw images of survivors caring for others, sharing their true heart: “OMOIYARI” and “AMAE”. I call them the true spirit of the “Urban Samurai”, the spirit my Father instilled in me when I was 8 years old as the “truth” or guiding principle, before he succumbed to radiation poison in Hiroshima! As he told me, “No matter what, know who you are and live for the benefit of others. Then we all benefit”.

The suffering Japanese folks are resilient and their spirit cannot or will not be broken. They are like the bamboo groves, which bend over to let a whirlwind pass –then return with dignity to an upright position!

Reflecting my “path” from Hiroshima, how often I was challenged when I struggled to rise from the ashes of Hiroshima. I believe that we (Japanese) are like ‘DARUMA’, “Nana-korobi-Ya-oki”: even though we fall down 7 times, yet we rise again on the 8th time!

Seeing the spirit of the Samurai – “Omiyari” and “Amae” –  demonstrated by these survivors, makes them truly national treasures. You could justifiably state they are precious jewels of humanity.

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